The Tuesday Trump Poll: Fear

Donald Trump

If the revelation that Andrew McCabe left his position under intense pressure from the Trump White House doesn’t seal the deal that there’s something rotten in D. C. (as opposed to the Shakespearean Denmark), then you have not been paying attention.

Donald Trump is now in full-blown panic mode and his enablers, the GOP Congress, are aiding and abetting a smash and grab operation of epic proportions. Our FEARFUL leader is now engaged on an all-out, no holds barred assault on the institutions that have been put in place to keep our country safe from people just like him. And somewhere in that lizard brain of his, he knows it and he’s shaking in his overpriced boots.

It’s a sad, sad fact that until November, there’s nothing that can be done. The only true thing Donald Trump has ever said is that if he shot someone in the middle 5th Avenue, he would not lose a vote. It is a truly hideous commentary on the American people that there are those out there who actually still support this travesty of a president.

It is also a hard to swallow pill that racism and hatred are still alive and well in these United States of America. HOWEVER, I believe in my heart of hearts that the great majority of the American people are not a bunch of racist, misogynistic pigs who deny we are in the throes of climate change and who think the Trump message of hate and division is making America great, when – in fact – it is destroying our position in the world. However, due to voter apathy and a few other misplaced reasons, we are now burdened with Donald Trump teaching us a hard lesson.

Mueller is coming, and Trump is going down. One way or another, this is not going to end well for the Orange Scourge. Which begs the question: What is Donald Trump most afraid of? I could go for the cutesy and amusing – something like having his bald head exposed or being exposed as a fraud (would he even care?).

Instead, I’ll go for the real questions. What do you think?

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Ann Werner

Ann Werner

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Ann Werner