Tuesday Trump Poll: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Donald Trump

Trump’s affinity for insulting nicknames is no secret. Due to having no rational arguments to bolster his positions – whatever the hell they are – he resorts to his time-honored tactic of insulting those who have disagreed with him, thwarted him, or just had the temerity to tell the truth about him.

There’s Sneaky Dianne Feinstein (he was SO angry when she released information to the American people that was their right to know) and Dicky Durbin (not very imaginative, if you ask me). He recently added Sloppy Steve (which just proves that even someone who was his BFF – after Vlad anyway – can be a target). Trump’s international prowess is on full display with his Rocket Man tweets to an off his rocker despot with nuclear weapons. Sometimes he tweets Little Rocket Man because it seems Trump is very concerned about size. (I wonder why? Could it be feelings of inadequacy?) In a nod (or is it a poke?) to our Native American population, there’s Pocahontas, although former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown was the originator of the racial slur in his failed bid for re-election against Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Making use of low hanging fruit, there’s Jeff Flakey and Al Frankenstein. Then there’s Liddle’ Bob Corker (I don’t know why Trump added the apostrophe, but from all accounts, he wasn’t much of a student – and there’s that size thing again). He coined the insulting nickname Wacky Congresswoman Wilson and perhaps his best-known epithet – Crooked Hillary. How can we forget Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb and Little Marco (size again – a theme of Trump’s)? This one’s a bit obscure: 1 for 38 (to describe Ohio Governor John Kasich when he teamed up with Ted Cruz to try an deny the GOP nomination to Trump). There’s Crazy Bernie, Crying Chuck (Schumer), Sleepy Eyes (Chuck Todd), Dumb as a Rock Mika, Psycho Joe (Scarborough), and Crazy Megyn (Kelly). You would think maybe he could have been more original with Ms. Kelly and not used the same descriptor he applied to Sen. Sanders, but – well, Trump isn’t too bright, and his command of the language is limited.

So today we will take a vote on the most fitting nickname. Of course, if you don’t like what you see here, you can always add your sobriquet in the comments. Let the voting commence!


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Ann Werner

Ann Werner

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Ann Werner