British Media Tears Into Trump, ‘You’re Sick’

Donald Trump

The Daily Mirror thoroughly humiliates Trump for a recent Twitter-Tantrum attacking the U.K.’s universal healthcare system: “You’re sick, Mr. President.”

Trump took to his Twitter account Monday morning with another Tantrum – presumably another attempt to steer the national conversation away from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and the total failure of the greatly hyped Nunes Memo.

In typical Trumpian fashion, the Tweeter-in-Chief lashed out at “Little Adam Schiff,” praised his buddies at Fox News “Fox & Friends,” heaped praises on Devin Nunes calling him “a man of great courage and grit, [who] may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero.”

Curiously, he also decided to insult longtime American allies in the United Kingdom – yet again.

“The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working. Dems want to greatly raise taxes for really bad and non-personal medical care. No thanks!” he tweeted.

The UK was swift to respond, with the Daily Mirror reporting that: “The comment opened up a dramatic new diplomatic row with Theresa May – who has repeatedly claimed the NHS has the funds it needs.”

The Daily Mirror also struck back, mocking Trump on the cover of their latest edition:

May’s Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, struck back at Trump on Twitter as well.

“I may disagree with claims made on that march but not ONE of them wants to live in a system where 28m people have no cover. NHS may have challenges but I’m proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage – where all get care no matter the size of their bank balance,” he tweeted in response to Trump’s post.

May’s official spokesman said Mr. Hunt spoke for the government, adding: “The Prime Minister is proud of having an NHS that is free at the point of delivery.” And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded as well, tweeting: “People were marching because we love our NHS and hate what the Tories are doing to it. Healthcare is a human right.”

Piers Morgan chimed in, tweeting: “Wrong, Mr President. Our NHS is a wonderful, albeit imperfect, health system – and the envy of the world.  By comparison, the US healthcare system is a sick joke & the envy of no-one.”

Better yet, the organizers of the march addressed Trump’s tweet, issuing a joint letter to Trump saying:

The NHS has existed since 1948 in the UK after the devastation of the Second World War.

It has been a shining example to the world of what can be achieved when we put the needs of the collective good over the interests of a few wealthy individuals.

Unfortunately, our current government have been persuaded to increasingly adopt policies which represent those of your Government, they have decided to move us more to an American-style system which is widely acknowledged to be one of the most expensive, inefficient and unjust healthcare systems in the world.

This is why our NHS is currently struggling and why leading Professors including Professor Stephen Hawking are bravely battling politicians who wish to turn it into a system like yours.This is what our demonstration was about.

We don’t agree with your divisive and incorrect rhetoric. No thanks.

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