The Tuesday Trump Poll: Stupidity

Donald Trump Sr. at #FITN in Nashua, NH

It’s been another hideous week of Trump Watch and what feels like the never-ending saga of the destruction of all we hold dear.

In that short span of time, Trump has, among other things, accused Democrats of being treasonous because they didn’t clap enough for him during that incredibly boring and racist State of the Union speech. He defended two wife beaters whom he employed despite the fact they were never able to get security clearances. He demanded his military parade so everyone would know what a powerful man he is, even though he’s pretty much reviled throughout the civilized world. All of a sudden he decided to trust the FBI and CIA when it came to releasing the Democrats’ rebuttal to the scurrilous GOP memo. Never mind that the Democrats ran their memo by those agencies prior to sending it to Congress, or that Trump rushed to release the memo that “vindicated” him (it did not, and even he knows it) without even reading it despite pleas from the FBI and CIA to refrain from doing so. He’s still tweeting about draining the swamp, never realizing that he IS the swamp.

And those are just the highlights. Or lowlights, as the case may be.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a two-year-old has more restraint, not to mention smarts, than the President of the United States, but that’s the world we currently inhabit. It’s very stressful; and the uptick in depression, sleeplessness, and other stress-related maladies reported by physicians across the country can be laid squarely at the feet of Donald Trump. Of course, to him, it would be just another affirmation of his power: Look! I can make everybody miserable, fearful, and angry! I am all-powerful!

It’s no secret that when brains were being handed out, Trump was nowhere to be found. He was probably in line at McDonald’s or KFC shifting back and forth in his high priced shoes in anticipation of his low priced artery-clogging treats. One has to wonder why the good die young while people like Trump consume massive quantities of grease and carbs disguised as food, never work out, and live into their 70s. Hardly seems fair.

Which brings us to the newest Tuesday Trump Poll. If Trump were just an ordinary criminal, instead of an extraordinary screw-up intent on destroying every vestige of American democracy while handing our country over to his BFF Vlad, what kind of criminal would he be?

Source: Dumb Criminals

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