The Tuesday Trump Poll You Don’t Want To Miss!

Another week, another pack of lies. With the tightening of Mueller’s noose, Trump and his enablers, the terrorist organization known as the Republican Party, have been doing anything and everything to deflect attention from the looming charges against the President of the United States.

All of the GOP talking points are crumbling into dust right in front of them; but, like their feckless leader, the Trump echo chamber is intent on ignoring reality and trying to pass off their lies as something the American people should swallow. Like that ridiculous Nunes memo, a concoction of misleading claims cobbled together by a bunch of losers with a combined IQ of 3.

Another claim our Republican brethren have taken to heart is that the FBI rank and file heaved a sigh of relief when Trump fired Director James Comey. Uh – not so fast! Proof of yet another Trump falsehood? How about some FBI emails released under the Freedom of Information Act. The link isn’t just some guy’s made up story – as the Orange Scourge would have us all believe. Nope. Included in the article were copies of ALL the emails. And those emails paint Trump, and by association anyone who toes the Trump line, as bald-faced liars.

Just yesterday, it was reported the Embarrassment-in-Chief once again outdid himself in the How Low Can You Go Contest. Upset because Democrats didn’t pay him proper obeisance during that interminably boring, not to mention racist, State of the Union address he delivered last week, #TraitorTrump resorted to that age-old offensive employed by errant spouses: he accused Democrats of being treasonous – when we all know the only treason being committed on a daily basis in this country is by Donnie Dimwit and his GOP sycophants.

Now, what does this all have to do with the Tuesday Trump Poll? Well, I’m thinking that even though we still have a long road to travel before we are rid of the Orange Scourge, the fact is, we WILL be rid of him because Robert Mueller is smart, and the Donald is not. That, and he’s guilty as sin.

Which brings us to the latest Trump Poll to date. You may have to turn off your ad blocker to see the poll. Cast your vote!

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Ann Werner

Ann Werner

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Ann Werner