Twitter Is Merciless As It Responds To Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Latest Lie

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got caught telling reporters a bold-faced lie this week about accused wife beater Rob Porter.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is in damage-control mode this week after FBI Director Christopher Wray contradicted her narrative regarding the Rob Porter scandal.

Rob Porter, who served as White House staff secretary, resigned last week in the wake of allegations of domestic violence made public by his ex-wives.

As Vox reported on Tuesday, “The White House changed its story on when it knew about allegations of domestic violence made against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter three times in 24 hours last week. On Tuesday, the FBI blew up the timeline again by saying that the White House knew the severity of the allegations in the summer of 2017 — and put the Oval Office in even hotter water.”

Raw Story elaborated on the story, paying specific attention to the controversy surrounding Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Sanders was in damage control mode on Tuesday after FBI Director Christopher Wray contradicted her claim that the White House failed to fire a staffer who was accused of domestic abuse because it had not received a final report from the bureau.

During Monday’s press briefing, Sanders insisted that the FBI’s investigation into staffer Rob Porter had been “ongoing” when the public recently learned that he had been accused of abusing two ex-wives. Porter eventually resigned, but was repeatedly defended by members of the administration.

Twitter was quick to respond to the growing scandal and to Sanders in particular.

Jim Acosta, CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, set off a brief chain of tweets when he posted: “WH offering up a new explanation for the Porter timeline and his background check… agreeing FBI had completed its investigation, but adding the WH Personnel Security office ‘had not completed their process.'”

CNN’s Jake Tapper responded, tweeting: “After FBI Director contradicts WH narrative, Sanders today says process at WH had not yet completed. But just yesterday she said: ‘Look, this is a process that doesn’t operate within the White House. It’s handled by our law enforcement and intelligence community.'”

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu of California, who served in the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps from 1995 to 1999, responded to Tapper, tweeting:

As a lawyer, I would ask this question when I knew the witness was caught in a lie of her own making. I am going to ask that question now of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Dear @PressSec: Were you lying then, or are you lying now?

Mrs. Betty Bowers, a long-time taunter of the Trump administration, posted one of the better responses to Sanders:

“Hark, @PressSec! After every press conference, I’m never sure if you were: (a) chewing gum; (b) chewing tobacco; (c) choking on lies; (d) trying to talk out of the side that didn’t have a stroke; or (e) swallowing your tongue. Regardless, thoughts and prayers, dear!” she tweeted.

MSNBC Justice & Security Analyst Matthew Miller weighed in as well, tweeting: “One of the countless FBI agents Sarah Huckabee Sanders talks to should’ve warned her it was stupid to blame the Porter scandal on the FBI the day before the director testifies in public.”

Other notable tweets include:


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