Jim Carrey Uses Twitter To Kick Trump’s Prodigious A**

Madame Tussaud - Jim Carrey the Entertainer

Everyone is familiar with Jim Carrey. From his days on In Living Color  to movie stardom, Carrey has entertained us with his insane antics and signature brand of comedy. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that he is an artist of not inconsiderable talent. Not only that, he really doesn’t like Donald Trump or any of the sycophants in his orbit. Therein lies a recipe for combining art and political commentary with the Jim Carrey touch.

Carrey has taken to Trump’s favorite venue – Twitter – to display his art and his sentiments about the Trump administration. Coupling biting commentary, drawings and a creative photograph here and there, Carrey makes no bones about what he thinks of the Trump administration and its full frontal assault on our democracy – not to mention the safety of our people. He also makes no bones about his feelings for so-called “Christians” who have betrayed everything they say they stand for. (He’s talking to you, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.)

Whether it’s depicting Trump as the Wicked Witch of the West (how fitting, since the Orange Scourge is always screaming about a nonexistent “WITCH HUNT!”), or his trumpeting (sorry, I had to) that the Gates guilty plea is proof of criminality in the campaign, or portraying Florida Senator Marco Rubio with blood-smeared hands, or General John Kelly being trampled by a tweeting Trump on a merry-go-round, Carrey doesn’t hold back.

Of course, if Trump is aware of Carrey’s Twitter art gallery – and I’ll bet he is – he will attempt to write Carrey off as one of the “Hollywood elite.” Yeah, like Trump wasn’t part of that while he enjoyed his run on The Apprentice where he portrayed himself as a rough, tough, no-nonsense boss who isn’t afraid of firing people. In fact, from all appearances, he took delight in firing them to their faces. But as we’ve seen, he’s just a coward who is too afraid to actually fire a person to their face. Instead, he gets his toadies to do his dirty work for him and/or uses Twitter to alert the person he is relieving of their position that they are history. But if he isn’t aware, he will be soon, because I’m going to post this article on his Twitter feed and I invite you to share it far and wide. Like on his Facebook page. You know, just to make sure he sees it.

And now, the art of Jim Carrey:

If you liked my last cartoon you may also enjoy … “THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST AND PUTIN’S FLYING MONKEYS”

This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!

Rubio’s agenda is clear. Keep taking millions from the NRA and wash the blood of innocent children off his hands. Apparently$3.3 million is the price of this politician’s soul.

Rick Gates pleads GUILTY to CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. It’s real! The Trump campaign was CRIMINAL!

Great news! The President’s answer to school shootings is to arm the glee club!

It’s President’s Day and Chief Little Hands has been busy tweeting from his golf resort, a chip shot away from the latest bloody school shooting. He was hoping to play a few holes while grieving families are busy digging them. I support @cameron-kasky #neveragain


All who enter his crooked carnival with integrity are doomed to leave without it. General Kelly has been trampled by his own compromise. Who dares to be next to ride the carousel of fools? Muahahaha!!!

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