Every Creationist Needs To Watch This Video


Every creationist should watch Kanzi the bonobo ape build a fire using matches and toasting marshmallows on it. It shows just how like us some primates really are.

Bonobos, members of the great ape family, have a lot to teach us about our ancestry. Gregarious, highly intelligent, and, like humans, sexually playful, these primates are our closest living relatives along with chimpanzees. One such bonobo, Kanzi, is so adept at using tools that he can build a fire and roast his own marshmallows, a feat that might prompt even the staunchest creationist to question his disbelief that humans and apes are closely related.

Kanzi, age 34, lives in Des Moines at the Great Ape Trust, North America’s largest sanctuary for great apes. He reportedly knows the meaning of approximately 3,000 English words and is skilled at making and using tools. Once during a forest outing, he shocked researchers when he made the signs for “fire” and “marshmallow.”

Given matches and marshmallows, Kanzi snapped twigs for a fire, lit them with the matches and toasted the marshmallows on a stick.

His high-functioning proficiency with language and tools places his intelligence very close to that of a young child and ought to make creationists realize that human uniqueness is a myth.

Watch the amazing video below, courtesy of the BBC One’s Monkey Planet:

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Joseph Guyer

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