Ivanka Trump Gets Trashed After Her Latest Photo-Op Fail

Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report Launch Ceremony

Ivanka Trump is making headlines after her latest attempt at a photo-op spectacularly backfires.

Time Magazine reported that: “First Daughter Ivanka Trump‘s photo ops have a way of turning into memes, so it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that when she donned a lab coat and safety goggles the internet would react.”

Since her father got into politics, the White House adviser has received mixed reactions from even fairly standard photo opportunities, whether it’s an Instagram with her husband in formal wear or an awkward hug with a senator.

The backstory itself received little attention in the USA, but Australia’s leading news portal, news.com.au, provided the following information:

The 36-year-old daughter of US President Donald Trump was visiting a job training and science centre in Iowa earlier this week when she was given the chance to carry out some “experiments”.

The mum of three donned a lab coat, latex gloves and safety goggles and tested the nicotine contents of “vape juice”, when the awkwardly contrived photo was snapped.


The photo was then shared on Ivanka’s official social media channels yesterday — and it didn’t take long for the jokes to start pouring in.

Huffington Post covered the backlash, reporting that: “Reddit users have been busy re-imagining this photograph of President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser, which was snapped during her tour of a local education program in Iowa on Monday.”

Huffington Post went on to provide some examples of Photoshopped images, such as:

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Twitter users took a different approach, such as Goth Ms. Frizzle who tweeted: “your lab coat and your gloves are both the wrong size, your gloves aren’t tucked, your hair is loose in an environment with moving machinery and burners and you’re holding a pour off at mouth level without any kind of a face shield, nice going science genius”

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