Neo Nazi Runs Unopposed And Wins Illinois Congressional Primary Race

Republican candidate Arthur Jones is a Neo Nazi, a white supremacist, a Holocaust denier; and he just became the Republican nominee in a suburban Chicago congressional district after running unopposed in Tuesday’s primary.

Jones is so vile, even the GOP disavowed him. From the New York Times: “The Illinois Republican Party has sought to distance itself from Mr. Jones in recent weeks, blanketing the district with campaign fliers and robocalls urging voters to ‘stop Illinois Nazis,’ according to a robocall script provided by the party. Mr. Jones said he had received three robocalls himself.”

Last month, Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times that he’s a former leader of the American Nazi Party and on his campaign website there’s a section titled “The Holocaust Racket,” in which an argument is made that there’s “no proof such a so-called ‘Holocaust’ ever took place anywhere in Europe against the Jews” and that Jews are “directly responsible for the murder of at least 300 million people.”

What a swell guy.

He’s been a thorn in the side of the Illinois GOP for obvious reasons, but to the Republican’s credit, the party has been able to block Jones’ previous congressional bids. Both Democrats and Republicans have condemned Jones, so it’s rather telling he felt more comfortable running as a Republican – and no one else in the party ran for that seat. Because of this, Jones was able to meet the necessary requirements to make the ballot and he is the party’s nominee.

The district in which Jones is competing is heavily Democratic and he’ll be running against either current Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.) or Marie Newman, an advertising executive who’s challenging Lipinski. No matter which candidate Jones runs against, it’s basically a lock for Democrats.

Anti-Defamation League’s Chief Executive Jonathan Greenblatt said Jones is one of many extremists running for public office this year. He pointed out that Joe Arpaio – an immigration hardliner who was pardoned by Trump – announced his candidacy for the Arizona Senate. Greenblatt also cited Paul Nehlen, “whose primary bid against the House speaker, Paul D. Ryan, was denounced by the Wisconsin Republican Party last month,” as another example.

Greenblatt said, “It is just nuts that we are in this moment in time when we have intolerance really infecting our political process.” And added, “It is a sad state, where we are. This is a bigger problem than Arthur Jones.”

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