The NRA Blood-Money Trail Leads Straight To Republicans

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In America, it is against the law to harm or kill someone for money. Unless of course, you are a member of Congress and that money comes in the form of campaign donations from the NRA.

If you think the concept of donations for political favors is a form of legalized bribery, you’re right. But it has long been an accepted form of doing business in Washington – so too many Americans feel there’s nothing they can do about it. Nowhere is this lack of public powerlessness more obvious than in the gun control debate.

Although the majority of Americans support stricter gun safety laws, Republican lawmakers continue to ignore them. The reason is money. It comes from the NRA and its affiliated outside groups, and the list of lawmakers willing to take it in exchange for doing nothing about mass murder via gun violence is a long one.

Arizona Sen. John McCain tops the list at $7,740,521, followed by Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina with $6,986,620.

On the House side, Arkansas Rep. French Hill has taken more than a million dollars from the gun lobby. Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, comes in second having raked in $800,544.

According to the New York Times,

… Among the top 100 House recipients, 95 are Republican. In the Senate, the top two Democrats are Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who rank 52nd and 53rd — behind every Republican but Dan Sullivan of Alaska.

All totaled, the top House and Senate Republicans have filled their campaign coffers with more than $50 million from the NRA and its affiliated outside groups. Open Secrets has a breakdown of money trail with charts and graphs that show the bulk of the donations going to Republicans.

So, if you want to know why Republicans refuse to vote on gun safety laws, just follow the money. It leads straight to the NRA and all the associated groups that profit from easy sales of weapons that are too often used to kill innocent people, like the 59 who lost their lives at a concert in Las Vegas last weekend.


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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.
Gracie Lou