Stunning Admission By Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Could Release Stormy Daniels From NDA

In a CNN interview with Erin Burnett, Michael Cohen’s lawyer, David Schwartz, made a bombshell admission that may free up Stormy Daniels from the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that has prevented her from talking about her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump.

In case you’re confused. Michael Cohen is Trump’s lawyer; and last month, it was revealed he was the one who paid Daniels $130 thousand dollars just before the 2016 election so that she would not share her story of the alleged affair with the public.

In the CNN interview, Schwartz said,

“[Trump] was not aware of any of it, wasn’t told about it. Michael Cohen left the option open. That’s why he left that signature line, the option open to go to him. He chose not to. He chose to bind the LLC, EC LLC and Stormy Daniels into the contract.”

This admission led to a number of Tweets from attorneys including Avenatti:

Illinois attorney and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti chimed in with a series of tweets saying Schwartz’s admission supports Daniels’ assertion that the NDA she signed is null and void because only Trump can enter into an agreement with her and not Cohen’s LLC.

Washington attorney Susan Simpson tweeted:

Even conservative Frank Luntz could see what a mess this all is:

Schwartz went on to tell Burnett that Cohen routinely set up these agreements without cluing the president in. Schwartz said, “Michael [Cohen] was the fixer. It could be anything. There were a ton of matters that took place that Michael fixed and Donald Trump wasn’t involved in every single matter.”

He might have realized the hole he was in because he then walked back on what he’d said earlier and suggested that leaders in business have fixers who are authorized to pay people off without the client’s knowledge.

The fact that Stormy’s lawyer is pleased with how events are shaking out, tells you who’s winning this fight. Stay tuned.

Watch the interview:

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