Evangelical Pastor Says Bible Requires Everyone To Own Assault Rifles

Radio host and evangelical right-wing pastor Chuck Baldwin is using the Bible to justify owning assault weapons.

The Republican pastor was a guest on “The Real Reason They Want Your Guns” podcast last weekend, and he insisted that any Christian who doesn’t own AR-15 an assault rifle (or the equivalent) is denying the Christian faith and is “worse than a heathen”

For context, Baldwin was the 2008 Presidential nominee of the Christian Reconstructionist Constitution Party – which is not just a political party that supports following the Constitution but supports a specific reinterpretation to Christian Reconstructionism.

Baldwin cited a passage from 1 Timothy to argue that every adult has “a duty to provide for your family, but you cannot provide protection for your family without being equipped to do so.”

He went on to explain, “Therefore, you must have the means of self-defense. And in our society today, that means a firearm in the similitude of an AR-15. Without that, you are not in a position, you are not even able to protect not just your family and your house, but your neighbors, your community around you; that we, as a community of people—that’s the militia—are given the God-given responsibility to protect our communities. That is a biblical requirement.”

Baldwin asked that other pastors use sermons to tell their congregations that “if you are not prepared to defend your family and your neighborhood and your community with the force of arms, you have denied the Christian faith and you are worse than a heathen.”

This right-wing panic about AR-15 and other assault rifles is quite transparent. They see what Parkland students are achieving after witnessing their classmates die in yet another high school mass shooting, and it’s completely freaking them out. They can see momentum building up for common sense gun legislation, and they’re using religion and fear to manipulate people into owning assault weapons. They’ll try, and they may win some of the battles, but their fears are justified and it’s the children who will decide which direction gun reform takes.

Listen to the show HERE.

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