Actress Marsha Warfield: ‘Bill Cosby Is Guilty And I Am Ashamed. Of Myself’

Actress Marsha Warfield, best known for her role as “Roz” on the popular 1980s and ‘90s sitcom, “Night Court,” took to Facebook after the announcement of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault convictions and she expressed guilt.

She began her post with: “Bill Cosby is guilty, and I am ashamed. Of myself.”

Warfield explained that years ago, she and Bill Cosby were both represented by the same public relations firm, but they were represented by different reps.

The actress shared that she’d been a long-time fan of Cosby and said she couldn’t remember a time without his presence in her world, writing, “From variety TV shows to ‘I Spy’ to all his other television shows named some variation of his name to his movies, awards, specials, you name it, he was always there. When he wasn’t being featured in the ‘mainstream’ press, he was gracing the pages of Ebony and Jet, with his family, on sets, donating money, going to college, and so much more.”

After learning he was interested in meeting with her, she was thrilled. Warfield wrote:

I was told it was to be a general meeting, he just wanted to talk. I said sure. Was it ever a question? Then, as my PR guy was leaving, he said to me with a twinkle in his eye, “Just make sure you don’t drink anything.” As you can imagine I was confused.

So, he went on to explain that Cos liked to put stiff in women’s drinks…and the rest you know. I was horrified. I asked many times if he was kidding because I couldn’t believe he was serious. Especially with the “No big deal” nonchalant way he was describing it.

He went on to say that Cos did it to protect himself and his image because a drugged woman wouldn’t remember, and even if she did nobody would believe her. I told him that what he described was horrible, a terrible thing to do and he should never tell anyone that again. He reassured me that he had been doing it for years, everybody knew it and again, it was no big deal.

Anyway, I did take the meeting, he did offer me drinks and I did decline them.”

She explained that she told a few people about what she’d heard but didn’t say anything publicly, “What would I say, somebody told me something?” she asked, “After all, I wasn’t raped…” She continued, “…I am ashamed that my desire to ‘protect’ another black person from unfair persecution in a society all too often all too happy to persecute and even kill them without consideration of innocence or guilt was misguided, misplaced and misapplied.”

Warfield expressed fear for sharing that she was aware of what Cosby was doing because she worried her post would receive judgment. She also expressed anger because, “through no fault of my own, this little bit of gossip weighs so heavily on my heart and conscience”

She ended the Facebook post saying she feels conflicted and that she feels shame. Read the entire post here:

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