CNN Contributor Declares ‘Bernie 2020 Died 4/4/18’

CNN contributor Bakari Sellers is a Democratic political strategist, and he tweeted that a Bernie Sanders 2020 bid died because of a dismissive comment Sanders made about President Barack Obama during a speech in Mississippi.

On the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, the Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, gave a speech in Jackson Mississippi where he dismissed President Obama’s legacy by suggesting he was only a charismatic distraction heading a failing party.

Sanders said, “The business model, if you like, of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure. People sometimes don’t see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama. He was obviously an extraordinary candidate, brilliant guy.”

Sellers argued that Sanders’ attack on Obama for the Democratic Party’s legislative losses during his time as the first black POTUS — on that historically significant date — should be the downfall of Sanders in the 2020 primaries, saying: “Y’all can defend Bernie all you want. On #MLK50 his lack of self awareness and arrogance in dismissing #44, is wild. Bernie 2020 died 4/4/18.”

Sanders was criticized for not connecting to or resonating with black and minority voters during the 2016 primaries.

Last July, Terrell Jermaine Starr, blogger for The Root, wrote a piece titled “Bernie Sanders’ Black Women Problem“, and pointed out:

There’s just one issue that his supporters and optimistic writers refuse to consider: the voting power of black women.

For all of Sanders’ talk of a “political revolution” and economic inequality, the candidate never seemed to understand that it’s all but impossible to make it out of the Democratic primary without winning over black women—especially those over 35 years old. Perhaps he didn’t have staffers telling him that 70 percent of black women voted in 2012, beating out any other voting demographic; some voter turnout experts argue that black people overall outvoted white men and women in 2008. Keep in mind that black voter turnout has been increasing since at least 1996, with black women leading that charge.

Ask Barack Obama. Black women win presidencies.


Twitter was on fire with responses to Sanders’ attack on Obama.

Charlotte Clymer, a “Proudly Queer” writer and Army veteran with a substantial Twitter following expressed his disappointment in Sanders, tweeting:

Actor Jeffery Wright slammed the Vermont Senator in a series of tweets:

Here are some more reactions:

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