Fox & Friends Conclude Trump’s Innocent After Mueller Calls Him A ‘Subject’ Not A ‘Target’ Of Russia Probe

After the Washington Post broke the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller declared Donald Trump was a “subject” and not a “target” of the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the hosts of Fox & Friends predictably jumped to the conclusion that the president is innocent of any crimes.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade broke it down – saying that while Trump is being investigated by Mueller’s team, he’s not a target; and then co-host Ainsley Earhardt leapt to the conclusion that must mean Trump is in the clear, “He is being investigated, but not a criminal target,” she said. “Which, I guess means, hasn’t committed a crime.”

Trump often tweets after watching Fox & Friends, so it’s not out of the question to assume Trump feels vindicated and has a false sense of security. Anyone who pays attention to what lawyers and other experts are saying about Mueller’s latest move knows that this announcement could be a strategic tactic to lure Trump into meeting with Mueller’s team. The president has expressed interest in the possible meeting, but his lawyers have advised against it for fear he’ll perjure himself.

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti explained why Trump is not in the clear in a Tweet thread, saying in part,

Attorney and professor Seth Abramson explained that Trump will eventually be charged with obstruction of justice:

A follow-up Washington Post article by Jennifer Rubin titled “Trump’s self-delusion blinds him to legal peril” explains the president’s predicament further: “If Trump truly has felt ‘relief’ — as opposed to blustering — he is either not getting adequate legal advice, rejecting that advice, or [is] incapable of absorbing legal advice. It is one more indication that an interview with Mueller may prove catastrophic for Trump. Ethics guru Norman Eisen tells Right Turn, ‘I think the now departed John Dowd was right: Trump should take no great comfort from this. Many was the time that I had a client move from being a subject to a target.’ He continues, ‘If I were representing the president, I would not let him testify because of the risk of him doing that to himself, and the risk of a false statement. Moreover, the report is unlikely to be flattering to Trump; just look at what [then-FBI Director James] Comey’s expressions about Hillary Clinton did to her.’”

Even former Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz explained on Fox that whether Trump is a “subject” or a “target” of Mueller’s investigation, he’s not out of legal jeopardy, saying, “Of course the president is still highly involved. Whether he uses the word ‘target’ or not, he is not in the clear. I think Paul Manafort is in deep, deep trouble. I think they are going to continue to look at his patterns and his background and go after him.

Watch the Fox & Friends clip:

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