‘Nazi Scum Get Out’ – Watch Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos Get Chased Out Of NYC Bar – Videos

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Far right-wing and controversial provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who refers to Donald Trump as “Daddy,” stopped into a New York City bar to have a drink on Sunday, but he was met with a defiant, yet peaceful crowd that chanted “Nazi scum get out,” until he left the building.

The chanting crowd were members of the New York Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America who’d just wrapped up a meeting.

Not surprisingly Yiannopoulos immediately posted a statement on his Facebook page (he’s banned from Twitter) that he isn’t a Nazi, and cites being Jewish and gay as his proof.

In his Facebook statement about the incident, he says he was
“shoved and screamed at” and that “it’s now impossible for me to safely go out for lunch in most major cities in America because I supported Trump at the last election and don’t like feminism.”

He continued, “They were screaming at the top of their lungs about ‘Nazis’ and ‘KKK’. Initially I was going to stay put obviously but they blocked me from my table and my bag and yelled at me to leave and it was about to escalate into something ugly. It rattled me a little bit (just slightly!), perhaps because I have something to lose in life now. My first thought was John and not getting myself hurt or killed. I don’t know how I’d explain to my black husband that I got hurt for being a ‘white supremacist’. I didn’t have security with me so I had to just get out of there. I won’t name the place we were at because the staff were really understanding and cool about it.”

Editor of The Nation Annie Shields posted a video of the incident on Twitter; and when asked what happened afterward, she replied, “He left, we paid for his beers so he could go asap, dumped them out, bought extra rounds, tipped the bartenders and sang solidarity forever with the whole bar.”

In October 2017, BuzzFeed chronicled how the alt-right website Brietbart and  Yiannopoulos “smuggled Nazi and white nationalist ideas into the mainstream.”

From BuzzFeed:

The Breitbart employee closest to the alt-right was Milo Yiannopoulos, the site’s former tech editor known best for his outrageous public provocations, such as last year’s Dangerous Faggot speaking tour and September’s canceled Free Speech Week in Berkeley. For more than a year, Yiannopoulos led the site in a coy dance around the movement’s nastier edges, writing stories that minimized the role of neo-Nazis and white nationalists while giving its politer voices ‘a fair hearing.’ In March, Breitbart editor Alex Marlow insisted ‘we’re not a hate site.’ Breitbart’s media relations staff repeatedly threatened to sue outlets that described Yiannopoulos as racist. And after the violent white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, Breitbart published an article explaining that when Bannon said the site welcomed the alt-right, he was merely referring to ‘computer gamers and blue-collar voters who hated the GOP brand.’

Feminist and author Jessica Valenti replied to the tweet saying, “Have watched this at least five times.”

There are two videos of the incident. The second one captures Yianppoulos leaving the bar. Watch them below:

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