North Korea: What’s The Real Deal?

Kim Jong-un visiting Berlin.

While I am hopeful that Donald Trump manages to get at least one thing right, that being striking a deal with North Korea, I have my doubts about it happening. Here’s why.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is losing his cookies over the Mueller investigation, the Comey book and interviews, the arrest and possible flip of Michael Cohen, and the fact that he can’t find a decent lawyer – his newest hire, Rudy Giuliani, hardly qualifies. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

So what’s a #FakePresident to do?

Gin up a story that makes him look like a hero and a peacemaker. Never mind the bombing of Syria, which was just another fake show of strength. I mean really, how can you drop a bunch of bombs and NO ONE gets hit? Not so much as a Band-Aid was utilized. Can’t be killing any Russians or Assad’s forces so intent on killing their fellow citizens. Vlad might get upset and Donnie can’t have that!

Nope, I don’t buy into this whole kumbaya bs being touted by Trump. I think it’s just another plan cooked up by his BFF Vlad to make his puppet look good, and the Donald is following orders. Like he did both times in Syria.

The Putin government has been sidestepping sanctions imposed on North Korea and sending much-needed oil to that country. Oh, Trump makes a little noise – because he has to – but what has he done about it? Answer: absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, all this talk about denuclearization is just a bunch of horse manure. Kim Jong Un isn’t about to abandon his fondest dream now that he’s actually achieved it. Believe that, and I’ve got some prime oceanfront property in New Mexico I’d just love to sell you!

All of this is just another smokescreen in a long succession of attempts designed to take the heat off of Trump. It isn’t working because Donald Trump is an idiot who never passes up an opportunity to inflict serious damage on himself.

In the circus we are being subjected to, it is abundantly clear that Putin is winning. Americans are pitted against each other, the Republican-led Congress is doing nothing to safeguard us from a repeat of the 2016 election, corruption on a scale not seen in the modern era is rife at the very top of our government, our president is a proven liar and cheat and yet, we have to take it because there is nothing we can do to shorten our national nightmare. We just have to grin and bear it and hope that things don’t completely go to hell before we have a chance to call a halt to this insanity in November. And even then, we’ll have to wait until January, 2019.

So don’t be surprised when the North Korea “talks” come to nothing. They were never meant to. Kim Jong Un is taking orders from Putin so he can continue to get his oil, and Donald Trump is taking orders from Putin because – let me count the ways.

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