Watch Republican Lawmaker Stutter And Squirm When Asked If Trump Tells Lies

CNN’s Anderson Cooper grilled Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan of Ohio about whether or not he’s ever heard Donald Trump lie, and their exchange was quite the spectacle.

Cooper asked Jordan, “Do you think the president lies a lot like Jim Comey says?”

Jordan replied, “I do not…” and then the GOP lawmaker went on to smear former FBI Director Jim Comey and, predictably, brought up the handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Cooper pressed Jordan saying, “But come on, you’ve got to admit this president has said things that are just demonstrably not true time and time again. The list is a very long one. Almost on a daily basis.”

Jordan refused to acknowledge that statement about Trump and immediately deflected saying, “I think [former FBI Deputy Director] Andrew McCabe has said things that aren’t true…”

Cooper pointed out that Jordan was “very bold” about calling out McCabe but not so bold on the president of the United States.

A calm Cooper asked, “You haven’t heard the president lie?”

And this is where Jordan starts to crack. The pitch of his voice went up, and the stuttering began, “I’ve never heard the president… He’s always been square with me, that’s for darn sure.”

“What about the American people?’ Cooper asked. Jordan’s reply was that the American people elected Trump.

Cooper asked again, “Have you ever heard the president lie?”

Jordan answered, “I don’t know of it.  Nothing comes to mind.”

After citing the widely circulated list of hundreds and hundreds of Trump lies compiled by the Washington Post, all Jordan could come up with is “I’ve not seen what the Washington Post reported…”

Stuttering, Jordan danced around the question until he came up with the idea that people who talk a lot say things that aren’t one hundred percent accurate and even suggested that Cooper himself is probably guilty. Cooper responded by saying that if he does report or say things that aren’t accurate he acknowledges it, corrects it and offers an apology. He asked his guest again if he’s ever heard Trump apologize for lying and Jordan weakly replied, “I don’t know that he’s said something wrong.”

It was evident Jordan would never own to the fact that Trump has lied time and time again. He stuttered, squirmed and argued like a good little Trump loyalist.

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