4-Year-Old Superhero On A Mission To Feed The Homeless – Video

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Superheroes come in all sizes. If you doubt that, look no further than 4-year-old Austin Perine of Birmingham, Alabama. This pint-sized caped wonder is on a mission to feed the homeless.

It all began when he was watching a television show about pandas. The mother panda abandoned her offspring, and Austin’s father TJ explained to his son that the baby panda was now homeless.

In an interview with CBS’s Steve Hartman, TJ said, “He says, ‘What’s homeless?’ I said, ‘It’s when you don’t have a home and sometimes you don’t have a mom or dad around.’”

There was the inevitable follow-up question from Austin. “Are people homeless?”

When he found out that not only are they homeless, but also hungry, that’s all it took for the boy – who prefers to be called President Austin – to decide he was going to feed as many people as he could. TJ related that Austin’s choice of name is because he believes that’s what a president is supposed to do.

Once a week, Austin takes the money he’s given for his allowance and all the money his parents would normally spend on toys and uses the funds to make chicken sandwiches. He then dons his cape, his special T-shirt, and goes on his mission. With every sandwich he gives away he leaves the recipient of his gift with the admonishment “Don’t forget to show love.”

His proud father admits that at age 4, he wasn’t the least bit interested in helping others. Austin pipes up, “I did!”  You’ve got to hand it to Austin’s parents for instilling in him a love of humanity and the determination to help those less fortunate.

Austin has launched a GoFundMe page so he can continue his mission on a grander scale. He’s already fed homeless people in Washington D.C., Mobile, Alabama and his hometown of Birmingham. This page is to help with travel expenses and, of course, purchasing food. If you’d like to help him feed the hungry, you can make a donation HERE.

Watch this incredible kid. He will steal your heart. And who knows? Maybe one day, President Austin will be sitting in the Oval Office. We could do a lot worse.

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