Anti-Feminist Claims Chivalry Is Dead Because Women Killed It

Anti-feminist Suzanne Venker appeared on Fox & Friends and declared that chivalry is dead and it’s all the feminists’ fault!

Fox interviewed Venker about her opinion piece, in which she asserted women are the reason men are not chivalrous, and she says it’s because women are insisting on gender equality, “I can do it myself, I’m strong enough, you don’t need to hold the door open for me, you don’t need to pay my way.”

Venker, the niece of the late anti-feminist Phyllis Scholarly, opined, “After so many years of hearing that, my argument is that men have effectively said, ‘Okay, you said you don’t want it so I guess I’m not supposed to do it. If I do it, you’re going to be insulted.’ So, they’re really lost and confused about what it is that women want. And I think women are just as confused because they’ve been sold this message that chivalry is bad somehow when of course it is not at all.”

A counter-argument from Fox guest and Democratic strategist Wendy Osefo was that chivalry has “evolved,” adding, “it means that men have to rise to the occasion to meet us where we are. Chivalry is not dead in the essence of we don’t want men to open doors for us, but what we are saying is you have to handle us and you have to handle our full-time job as well.”

Venker argued that the “40-year experiment” in feminism is responsible for making men and women “confused and lost.”

She went on to say, “What women specifically are confused about is men. And how it is in their DNA to provide and protect women. That is who they are, that is their identity. And we’ve essentially ripped it out of them and they’ve become unmoored. I mean, if you don’t let them do what’s in them to do, you’re going to disrupt that dance.”

Wow! So, if you’re going to run with Venker’s argument, you’ll have to believe that men are incapable of independent thought, and they’re at the mercy of she-devils who are hell-bent on taking over the world!

A blurb from Venker’s laughable op-ed:

If there’s one common theme in the media today about the relationship between women and men, it’s the claim that there are no good (read: marriageable) men left. Well, gee, I wonder why that is?
It’s clear as day why that is. The relentless message from women and society that men have nothing special to offer—that not only is their income unnecessary, so is their chivalrous behavior—has built a wall between the sexes the size of Mount Everest.

(Poor men.)


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