Conservative Argues Banning Trench Coats Will Prevent School Shootings

MSNBC host Hugh Hewitt suggested that schools should ban trench coats after it was reported the gunman in last week’s Texas school shooting wore one.

Media Matters posted a clip of Hewitt’s radio program, “The Hugh Hewitt Show,”  where he pointed out the shooter did not use an assault-style rifle like other shooters have in recent school shootings, he used a shotgun and a .38 revolver that belonged to his father. Hewitt singled out Democratic lawmakers’ call for stricter gun laws such as background checks, and banning assault weapons arguing they wouldn’t have prevented the shooting spree.

He said, “Point being, this is about identifying and segregating individuals away from guns who are not in the position to own them with due process protection.”

Hewitt asserted that officials and politicians should be the ones to take measures to identify anyone fitting that description:

To the teachers and administrators out there, the trench coat is kind of a giveaway. You might just say no more trench coats. The creepy people, make a list, check it twice. And be aware of your social media activities. And ask people, the old cliche does apply, ‘see something, say something.’

The conservative host said that, while it is not yet clear why the Texas shooter decided to go forward with the shooting spree, there are “patterns” which should be examined, and he said, “There’s a pattern, pattern recognition is important here. And people need to put down the rhetoric and pick up the study, And read, listen, pray, think, not just shout. That’s the easiest thing to do, just to shout.”

Hewitt’s not the only one trying to focus on anything other than the one thing all shootings have in common: the choice of weapon.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blamed the shooting in part on “too many entrances and too many exits” on the campus. Aside from just being inconvenient, having only one door (as he suggested) would prove to be disastrous in the case of a fire.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch told Fox & Friends hosts that, rather than addressing gun violence by focusing on guns, the government should stop funding Planned Parenthood and instead use that $500 million to create prison-like schools with metal detectors and armed guards everywhere. Loesch neglected to mention there were two armed guards working on the day of the shooting where ten people were shot and killed.

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