Joe Scarborough: Mueller Has A ‘Dead Man Switch’ And Is Holding ‘Four Aces’

Robert Mueller, 2012

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, explained why special counsel Robert Mueller isn’t concerned with Trump’s endless yammering about the Russia investigation. He also explained that neither Mueller nor his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is afraid of the president

The Morning Joe host said, “Donald Trump has been freaking out so badly this week, since Sunday, and all of these crazy tweets and talking about ‘spygate’– like, he’s losing it. On the other side, you have Bob Mueller being Bob Mueller.”

On Thursday’s All In, host Chris Hayes reported that the special counsel has what’s called a “dead man switch” which will activate indictments if Trump gets Mueller fired. Scarborough explained that Mueller and Rosenstein hold all the cards. He also said it explains Trump’s reckless behavior.

Scarborough said, “Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller are acting like men or women sitting around a table in a poker match that are getting insulted, and they’re looking at their hands, and they have four aces. Do you pick that up with Rosenstein? Every time he goes out, he’s just sitting there smiling, and last night I heard on Chris Hayes, we haven’t confirmed it yet, somebody said on Chris Hayes, they’ve got this kill trigger. You start firing us, we just press the button and the indictments start getting emailed out.”

He continued, “Are they holding four aces already? Are they not fearful of Donald Trump firing them? Do they have this all planned out, do you think? That if he does start firing them, they press the button and all the indictments start getting sent out?”

Trump has considered firing Mueller as well as Rosenstein, but it’s been rumored that his advisers have warned him against it because it will give the appearance he has something to hide. 70 percent of Americans believe the president should not fire Mueller and that he should complete the FBI’s investigation.

Watch the Morning Joe segment below:

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