Stephen King Tears Into ‘Creepy’ Mike Pence – Video

On Wednesday, horror author Stephen King appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and tore into Mike Pence as well as Trump.

King relentlessly mocked Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter and pointed out that a federal judge recently ruled that it is unconstitutional for a sitting president to block anyone.

“So, my question is, do I really want to follow that guy? I don’t think so!” King said.

Colbert asked him, “What did you do, Stephen King? What did you do to that good man that hurt his feelings so much that he felt the only way to defend himself through your harsh and hurtful words was to block you on Twitter?”

King replied, “Well, I might have said he had his head somewhere where … a certain yoga position would be necessary to get it there. And that was it, man!”

The prolific author also said he sought revenge and said he blocked the president from seeing his latest film, It.

Colbert asked if he has ever blocked anyone on Twitter and aside from Trump, King said he also blocked Vice President Mike Pence

King went on to say, “There was something about, too, about Mike Pence that’s creepy. And I think it has something to do with the hair. The hair doesn’t look like it has strands. It’s just there. You know, it’s kind of this soap opera. He’s like the mean doctor on a soap opera, the one who sells drugs, you know, or has a prostitution ring from Bulgaria or something. He has that look. He has that look.”

He added that Pence “tweeted so much” and that his tweets were “boring. So, I blocked him,” King told Colbert. “I blocked his ass!”

Interestingly, on Tuesday, King said in a 2018 PEN Literary Awards speech: “the intellectual dead zone known as Twitter where clear thinking and kindness is too often replaced by schoolyard taunts. And not to mention, bad spelling and bad grammar.”

Watch the CBS Colbert clip:

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