Alyssa Milano And Dana Loesch Go To War On Twitter – Spoiler, Dana Loesch Came Unarmed

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National Rifle Association (NRA) mouthpiece Dana Loesch attacked actress and activist Alyssa Milano on Twitter over the weekend for arguing that liberals are winning in the gun debate. Milano hit back with an epic tweet thread using facts and citing common sense gun reform measures “that have been adopted at the local, state and federal level, while the private sector has made guns less available,” since the Parkland shooting.

On June 8, Milano tweeted:

Loesch replied: “Wrong again, Alyssa,” and linked an article from the ultra-conservative site, Twitchy, titled, “Can’t fix STUPID! Alyssa Milano claiming victory over the NRA (again) results in HILARIOUS backfire”.

In her tweet thread response, Milano noted that on the federal level, a “spending bill that went into law will make it easier for the Centers for Disease Control to investigate the causes of gun violence.

Milano wrote: “Federal: spending bill also includes bipartisan provision that offers more money to states that comprehensively upload information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System,” adding that the “Federal: spending bill also includes more money for school for metal detectors and 1 billion over ten years for safety measures.”

Milano also shared information about state-level actions:

  • Florida banned bump stocks and raised the minimum age at which a person can purchase firearms from 18 to 21.
  • Gainesville, Palm Beach County and Leon County, Florida Reaffirmed No Armed Teachers.
  • CONNECTICUT: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed a bill in May that bans bump stocks as well as other firearm enhancements
  • DEERFIELD ILLINOIS passed an ordinance that not only bans assault weapons but will penalize residents who don’t forfeit or secure weapons that fall under the ban by June 13.
  • ILLINOIS: Oregon closed the “boyfriend loophole,” taking guns from domestic abusers who were not spouses or domestic partners. IL house and senate passed an age increase on assault weapon ownership. Awaiting reconciliation and Governor signature.
  • LINCOLN NEBRASKA: The Lincoln City Council voted unanimously on an ordinance to ban bump stocks
  • BOULDER COLORADO: assault weapons ban.
  • NJ: Red Flag law, allow medical professionals to have guns taken from people endangering themselves or others, armor-piercing ammunition ban, justifiable need for concealed carry permits, background check on all transfers, reduction in maximum magazine capacity.
  • NEW YORK: People convicted of domestic abuse in New York will now have to turn over all firearms, not just handguns.
  • OREGON: boyfriend loophole. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill in March to prevent convicted stalkers and domestic violence offenders from buying and keeping guns.
  • RHODE ISLAND: State lawmakers passed two bills — one banning bump stocks and “other rapid-fire gun modifications,” and one creating a statewide “red flag” policy aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people who could pose a danger to themselves and others.
  • VERMONT: Vermont Governor with an A rating from NRA signed laws expanding background checks, banning bump stocks, limiting magazine capacity, and increasing the minimum age to buy firearms.
  • WASHINGTON: Bump stocks will be illegal in Washington state, starting July 2019. From that date, police will be able to seize them.
  • MA: passes Red Flag Law which would allows relative or someone else close to a gun owner to get a court to issue an extreme risk protection order if they believed the person is dangerous. Awaiting reconciliation on gun trafficking amendment that limits to 15 gun purchases a yr.
  • DELAWARE: Red Flag Law implemented and bump stock ban. (Pending governors signature).

Milano ended the thread with:

So in closing @DLoesch, it seems that our lawmakers are #NoRA and listening to what the majority of gun owners and non-gun owners want—stricter gun laws. We’ve only just begun to chip away at the gun lobby’s power. We. Are. Winning.

And she is correct. For more info, listed changes in gun policy since the Parkland shooting earlier this year.

You can view Milano’s thread HERE

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