Ann Coulter Turns On GOP, Hates The Republican Party

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter appeared on a Fox News panel and turned against the Republican Party.

Coulter is the author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!,” and she’s a long-time conservative pundit who’s known for her incendiary comments and hateful rhetoric; but the party has changed to such a large degree since Trump took office, even she has had enough.

Both Coulter and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appeared on Steve Hilton’s Fox News Sunday program and announced they’re done with the Republican Party.

Chaffetz said, “You see that with the left and the elite conservatives in the Republican Party that don’t want an honest dialogue about the successes of this president. Instead of joining together and moving forward with specific goals to restore getting wins in the midterms, they are being disruptive in a haphazard way.”

Agreeing with Chaffetz, Coulter went even further, saying, “I completely agree with you that we need to disband the official Republican Party. That was the point you were making and I completely agree. I’m sorry Representative.”

A laughing Chaffetz said, “Hey, I quit, so…”

Coulter said to Hilton, “Everything you said is right. It kind of depresses me because I feel like we are at the end of the campaign, because, you are right, [Trump] appealed to the people. This was the first time I hated the Republican Party. I mean, I’ve been a Republican my entire life, they were exposed as a uni-party. You’re right. Indistinguishable from the Democrats. It’s for the rich. It’s for the donors. Since he’s been president. I know he’s up against a lot, but man the swamp has been moving in!”

She became even more spirited and said, “…and the idea that what we’re worried about now is another amnesty? Oh my gosh! That’s what the Republicans are pushing through? I feel like I’m in a nightmare!”


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