Fox Host Brian Kilmeade Dehumanizes Detained Children ‘These Aren’t Our kids’

“Fox & Friends” co-host and Trump sycophant Brian Kilmeade rushed to the president’s defense on Friday for his zero-tolerance immigration policy.

The Fox host was referring specifically to the children who have been ripped from their families and held in internment camps in various states across the country. Kilmeade defended the policy by saying, “these aren’t our kids.”

“Like it or not, these are not our kids. Show them compassion, but it’s not like he’s doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas. These are people from another country.”

Kilmeade justifies “tender age” detainment facilities — which really code for baby prisons – by arguing that people are treating migrant children as if they are more important than “people in our country who pay taxes and have needs as well.”

Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt, agreed and said that President Trump “just wants to make sure we vet who’s coming across the border, in case it’s MS-13 or drugs.”

Kilmeade added, “It wasn’t President Trump’s idea to have everyone leave from Central and South America in June. Somebody has to deal with this issue. It doesn’t matter who the president is. If you don’t like his policy, he’s also open to your policy, rather than just criticizing his. He’s trying to send a message to the other countries, ‘this is not the way you do it,’ because this is a country that has rules and laws. We just can’t let everybody in that wants to be here.”

Initially, Trump defended his policy, but faced public outrage from voters, as well as from both Republican and Democratic legislators.

After images of caged children and audio of them wailing flooded news and social media, Trump signed an executive order ending the immigration policy that separates migrant children from their parents, but the order contains no solution for reuniting the families.


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