The Red Hen Takes The High Road While Trump And Company Go Low

Red Hen/Facebook

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Red Hen restaurant, a firestorm ensued. Donald Trump took to Twitter to make false claims about the cleanliness of the restaurant and a national conversation argument began regarding civility.

I could go on to remind everyone that the Red Hen in question had zero health department violations in its last inspection in February, while Trump properties have been awash in violations. Mar-a-Lago had over a dozen violations in January 2017 and the DJT Steakhouse at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas was actually forced to shut down briefly after inspectors found over 50 violations in 2012. But I digress.

But instead of turning into just another partisan shoutfest, something wonderful happened.

On a whim, Amanda Blount decided to turn the event into an action, never suspecting her effort would go viral.

Her tweet was noticed and picked up by James Kasor, who writes for Hill Reporter. Blount told him “I wanted to support the courage of the Red Hen, while spreading a positive voice of hope through the loving gift of food, so I sent out a tweet, and it went viral.”

Blount admits her idea wasn’t original, and tweeted “This gives me hope for our future! Also credit where it is due. I saw this done on a few other accounts before I did it. — I’m just happy to get the word out so we can all support this strong restaurant. — Thank you all for helping!”

All is not sunshine and roses, however. Trump supporters, outraged that Trump enabler and purveyor of White House lies, Sarah Sanders, was asked to leave, took to the streets outside of the Red Hen restaurants (one of which was the WRONG Red Hen restaurant) and proceeded to engage in what they do best: hatemongering. Wielding signs with sentiments proclaiming “Homos are full of demons” and “unless they repent Let God burn them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6,” they harassed employees and customers alike. (A personal note here: don’t you just love it when these fine Christian people use scripture to bolster their hateful rhetoric? Do they not see the disconnect?)

Before I go, a word about civility: Given that Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes her living by defending the indefensible, the idea that she would complain about being politely asked to leave rather than having restaurant personnel ignore her while she slowly starved to death waiting to be seated, or worse, spit (or worse) in her food, I think she shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

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