Twitter Claps Back At Clueless Joe Scarborough For Saying  He’s Relieved To See Trump Shaking Kim’s Hand

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was thrilled and relieved when he saw Donald Trump shaking hands with brutal dictator Kim Jong Un.

The Morning Joe host said the meeting between Trump and Kim will make voters “look at the front page of the paper today, and they’re going to say ‘Good on him. This is a hell of a lot better than a nuclear war – and who knows – maybe shaking things up. . . maybe calling him Little Rocket Man, maybe threatening him, got these two together.’”

Scarborough acknowledged that the meeting will be politically advantageous for the president, and he noted that when Obama met with Trump, it was emphasized that relations with North Korea would be “the single greatest challenge you’re [Trump] going to face.”

And then Scarborough said, “I have to admit when I see these two people shaking hands I feel a sense of relief as do a lot of people in Washington, knowing how bleak the situation was six months ago.”

Scarborough is one of many journalists normalizing Trump. While he has been a vocal critic of the president, he also treats him with kid gloves when Trump manages to walk and talk at the same time — and in this instance, Scarborough’s falling right into his trap.

With the Mueller investigation and the investigation into his lawyer, Michael Cohen, breathing down his neck, Trump wants nothing more than to look like a hero to American voters before the midterm elections; and, sadly, Scarborough fell for it, again.

For a different perspective on the meeting, conservative Tom Nichols said it best in a tweet: “I just watched a completely clueless President proclaim a special bond with one of the most ruthless murderers in the world, whom he thinks is “a talented man” who “loves his country.” If I cringed any harder my spine would snap.”

Judging from the replies to Scarborough’s commentary, it seems many feel he’s part of the problem, and the flattery and praise over the meeting is exactly what’s wrong with how the media handles this corrupt administration. As long as Trump doesn’t set the world on fire in front of the cameras, he’s praised by too many political pundits.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

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