‘We’re Full of It’ Pastor Blasts Southern Baptist Convention For Being Wrong About #MeToo Movement

In an interesting turn of events, Pastor Sam Rainer of the West Bradenton Baptist Church in Florida has condemned fellow religious leaders for being on the wrong side of civil rights issues, and he recently penned an essay saying his colleagues are also wrong about the #MeToo movement.

Rainer began his post by saying, “For far too long, we’ve been wrong. We were wrong about slavery. We were wrong about Civil Rights. Now many of us are wrong about the #MeToo movement. The Southern Baptist Convention has been wrong about horrifying sins. Obvious sins. Massive sins affecting generations. Right now, we’re a dumpster fire, and we keep fueling it with shovels of manure. We’re full of it, and the world is watching. That’s not hyperbole.”

The Pastor had some harsh words for church leaders saying “Our convention has wrongly elevated charisma over humility. The bold leaders with pithy lines tend to get the most attention. It’s time we submit to humility instead of charisma.

Rainer insisted character is as important as doctrine; and he explained the battles fought over doctrine have failed and that “the spoils of war went to power barons who lacked integrity.”

He went on to say, “For the last forty years, we’ve worshiped doctrinal heroes and did not ask enough questions about their character. We assumed they were right in the heart since they were right in the head. Some of them were neither. Now we’re reaping what we’ve sown.”

Rainer ended his essay by arguing that the women who have come forward and shared their stories of abuse should be elevated by churchgoers, and he added, “How about the people of color who have stuck with us despite our gross legacy of slavery and racism? They are the true heroes of the SBC.”

You can read the whole essay HERE.

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