Woody Allen Believes He Should Be The Poster Boy For The #MeToo Movement

Woody Allen

In an interview with Argentinian news show Periodismo Para Todo, actor, director and accused child abuser Woody Allen discussed how he perceives his role in the #MeToo movement.

Allen told Argentine reporter Jorge Lanata: ” As I say I’m a big advocate of the Me Too movement. I feel when they find people who harass innocent women and men, it’s a good thing that they’re exposing them. But you know I, I should be the poster boy for the Me Too movement. Because I have worked in movies for 50 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of actresses and not a single one—big ones, famous ones, ones starting out—have ever ever suggested any kind of impropriety at all. I’ve always had a wonderful record with them.”

He continued, “I’m in principle, and in spirit, completely in favor of their bringing to justice genuine harassers… Now, if innocent ones get swept up in there, that’s very sad for the person, it’s unjust, but otherwise, I think it’s a very good thing to expose harassment.”

Allen complained that he’s lumped in with men who have been accused of harassment, “What bothers me is that I get linked in with them,” Allen said. “People who have been accused by 20 women, 50 women, 100 women of abuse, and abuse, and abuse, and I, who was only accused by one woman, in a child custody case, which was looked at, and proven to be untrue, I get lumped in with these people.”

Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow has alleged he molested her in 1992 when she was just seven-years-old. He denies the allegation, was investigated for the incident but has not been charged. However, a judge called Allen’s behavior toward his daughter “grossly inappropriate” and determined that “measures must be taken to protect her.”

Actress Mira Sorvino, who worked on Allen’s film “Mighty Aphrodite” issued a public apology earlier this year to Farrow for turning a blind eye to her accusations against Allen and said she would never work with him again.

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