Texas Residents Acquiring Concealed Carry Permits Via Virginia

Residents of Texas who are seeking a concealed carry gun permit are using a loophole via the state of Virginia. A law in Virginia allows people from other states to take a class online, pay a fee of $100, and obtain what is known as a non-resident concealed carry gun permit.

The catch here is that the state of Texas honors this permit from Virginia. The state honors the permit even if the permit holder does not show he or she can properly load a gun or even shoot it safely, which are requirements to acquire a gun permit in Texas.

According to records, more than 4,400 residents of Texas have obtained the non-resident concealed carry permit from Virginia. Texas honors concealed carry permits from 44 states in the country, not just Virginia.

Along with the requirements mentioned above, Texas residents are also supposed to receive four hours of training in a classroom setting if they want to acquire their gun permit.

Of the 50 states in the country, Texas and 27 others recognize the concealed carry non-resident permit issued by Virginia. Of those 28 states, 10 of them require that their residents obtain a permit in their home state if they want to have a concealed carry permit from Virginia.

Texas is not one of those 10 states. If you take the online class, pay the fee, and acquire the permit, you are technically legally allowed to conceal carry in the Lone Star State.

“Gun crimes and other gun-related issues continue to dominate the news,” Patrick Woolley, a Fairfax gun lawyer with Price Benowitz LLP, said. “Being charged with a gun crime can put you in a precarious situation that could see you jailed, fined, or even lose the right to own a firearm.”

Government officials speaking out against this loophole raised concern that people who might be unqualified to obtain a gun license in Texas can now do so easily by applying for a permit from Virginia.

Both states perform criminal background checks before issuing gun permits, but a DUI charge in Virginia brings a three-year ban from acquiring a concealed carry permit, while the same charge brings a five-year ban in Texas.

Some government officials want to find a way to make the standards uniform across the board if Texas is going to accept a concealed carry permit from another state.

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