As Medical Marijuana is Made Legal in Florida, Business is Booming

As more and more states legalize marijuana in both medicinal and recreational forms, Florida is one state that has kept its illegal status, regardless of what it was being used for. But in May, Florida courts found that it was unconstitutional to keep patients who needed it as a form of treatment from using it. And with that decision, more distributors are starting to cross state lines and set up shop in The Sunshine State.

The decision was made after two patients, Diana Dodson of Levy County and Cathy Jordan of Manatee County, filed a lawsuit against the state. Both woman say they would not be alive today if it was not for the cannabis plant. And a Tallahassee judge agreed that they should be given access to their treatment.

“This is an important decision for the state of Florida and its residents,” said Delray Beach Drug Crimes Attorney Doug Leifert of Leifert & Leifert. “Not only does it provide people with the medicine they need, but it is also going to be good for Florida’s economy.”

In the short amount of time it has been since the court’s decision was made, that is already proving to be true. New dispensaries are starting to appear all over the state. And even before the decision was made, Florida was starting to attract attention from those in the cannabis industry throughout the country.

Back in January 2018, the New York marijuana investment firm, iAnthus Capital Holdings, purchased GrowHealthy for $47.5 million. This is in keeping with Florida law that states that while all cannabis companies must be kept within the state, the owners of those operations are not required to reside within Florida.

And iAnthus Capital Holdings is not the only company looking to profit from Florida’s new cannabis laws. Within the next year, more distributors are expected to cross state lines and start setting up shop in Florida as well. As more and more distributors see the potential of the Florida market, it will benefit patients that need medicinal marijuana for treatment, and for the state’s economy as a whole. That means that just about every person in the state will be able to reap at least some form of benefit from this new law.

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