Seth Abramson Tears Into Jim Jordan, Ripping Him Up One Side And Down The Other

Jim Jordan

Seth Abramson doesn’t mince words when it comes to what he thinks about Jim Jordan and his efforts to derail the Mueller investigation. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation keeps growing faster and faster.

FiveThirtyEight reported that:

At a surprise news conference on Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that the Justice Department would be charging 12 Russian intelligence officers with a wide range of offenses, including conspiracies to hack the Democratic National Committee, state election systems and other targets. This brings the total number of the people charged in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election to 32.

It’s a large number considering that the investigation has been active for only 14 months. So far, Mueller has filed charges against five American, one Dutch and 26 Russian nationals, along with three Russian businesses. Of all those indicted, five people have pleaded guilty — including one who has already served prison time — and Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, is awaiting trial.

The Washington Post reported on the importance of Friday’s announcement:

The deputy attorney general’s announcement Friday that a dozen Russian intelligence agents have been charged with conspiring to hack Democrats during the 2016 presidential election was a badly needed reminder of what special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe is all about, and why it must be allowed to proceed.

That sentiment, however, was not shared by House Freedom Caucus leaders, Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH,) who are currently leading an effort to impeach Rosenstein – possibly filing the necessary paperwork as early as Monday.

Politico broke the story on Friday with The Hill adding that:

Rosenstein has long been a target for Republicans who are frustrated over special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into election meddling by Russia and possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign. He is overseeing the probe after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, and some argue that he’s the only person with the legal authority to fire Mueller.

Former criminal investigator and criminal defense attorney, Seth Abramson, weighed in on the news in a strongly worded Twitter thread.

Normally we would provide some commentary along with his statements; but, considering their clarity and brevity – and sheer power – we see no reason to water them down with our own thoughts.

Below are his remarks:

  • BREAKING: Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, a Trump Agent Now Accused By Eight Ohio State Wrestlers of Covering Up Sexual Abuse at One of the Nation’s Largest Universities, Plans to File to Impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein As Early As Monday.
  • Any such impeachment effort should be read as a attempt to Obstruct Justice in the investigation of whether Trump and his aides coordinated with Russia in an attack on America. Jim Jordan—who wants to be House Speaker—is now betraying America like he did those Ohio State kids.
  • As Jordan is a known Trump agent, we should treat this attempted coup as a *direct response* to DOJ proceeding with an indictment against the Russians who aided Trump. So Trump’s response to today’s indictment is a) meet Putin, b) have his agents impeach the DOJ’s acting head.
  • Jordan has in the past evaded media questions about when, where, how and why he’s contacted by or contacts the president—and what they discuss—and we now know why: Jordan and his allies in the House are trying to hide what role Trump may have had in this attempted coup at DOJ.
  • After 21 hours of public and private interrogations of Peter Strzok, it’s clear the Republicans have found *nothing* to work with—a fact richly on display for 10 hours yesterday—so there can be no doubt that this planned action against Rosenstein is pretextual and Obstruction.
  • That *Monday*—the day Trump and Putin are meeting in a summit WHOSE PURPOSE NO ONE CAN NOW EXPLAIN COHERENTLY—is the day Trump agent Jordan may move against Rosenstein is a sign the administration wants to stage this attempted coup with reduced media focus. Or to please Putin.
  • Donald Trump is the leader of the GOP, and in touch with Jordan, and can direct Jordan’s actions. This is happening because Trump wants it to happen—and if it happens as or before Trump meets with Putin, the timing is Trump’s call, too. Let’s be grown-ups and say what this is.
  • Yesterday Jordan and his allies spent ten hours making an FBI agent accused of no crime feel like a criminal; on Monday or soon after they’ll try to impeach a DOJ official who’s done nothing wrong. All the while Trump praises a murderous, dictatorial PoS who *waged war* on us.
  • This is a conspiracy unfolding in plain view: Trump uses a known agent of his to oust Rosenstein on a pretext so he doesn’t have to fire him (which would cause a political firestorm). Then Trump gets his own man in there (i.e. a different Republican) to stop the Mueller probe.
  • While Trump has wanted [his own appointee] Rosenstein gone a long time, today’s indictments have changed the timetable for it happening.
  • Trump has to move fast now to end this probe—or the next indictment (see my thread today) could be his own son. We can’t let Trump do this.Today’s indictment suggests—given what we know via Nunberg and others—is Stone’s time in the barrel is coming. Stone’s less dangerous to Trump than Cohen or Manafort—but he’s Trump’s dirty trickster. He may have left the campaign to do those tricks with plausible deniability.
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