Smoking While Black Is The Newest Offense – Video

Woman smoking (3)

To quote the mother of the woman who was harassed by an Up Tighty Whitey Woman, “This calling the cops on Blacks is getting out of hand. Now you can’t smoke outside.”

Yup, you read that right. A white woman in Georgia called the police on a black woman for smoking in a parking garage. Fortunately, the black woman’s mother was there and captured the episode on video.

Stacey Etheridge posted this video on Facebook with the hashtag #NewportNancy because a Newport cigarette was her daughter’s cigarette of choice. (Note: the pictured woman above is NOT the woman in question.)

Etheridge and her daughter were in the parking garage when her daughter decided to have a cigarette. Enter Up Tighty Whitey Woman, who walked into the garage and proceeded to tell her to stop smoking and that she was calling the police.

Etheridge’s daughter countered the threat by asking politely, “You said I can’t smoke here and you’re gonna get me kicked out?”

“I’m going to have you evicted for smoking on the property. I’ll be reporting it.”

“Are you racist? ‘Cause I think you are. You just came out here harassing me for no reason.”

To which UTWW replies in a particularly snippy and condescending manner, “For smoking on the property.” And then she power slams the door to the large SUV, which obviously makes her feel safe, protected and powerful against that awful threat over there smoking a cigarette.

UTWW then got busy on her phone and called the police to complain about the pollution caused by the cigarette smoke belching from said black woman and her cigarette. Meanwhile, UTWW has the motor running, spewing pollutants throughout the garage that would dwarf the efforts of a hundred power smokers.

When the police finally arrived, they determined there was no harm to others and left the offending smoker and her mother without incident.

This is just another example of the trickle down racist behavior thanks to a person in the Oval Office who has repeatedly sent a message of hatred and intolerance. I call it the #TrumpEffect.

Makes one wonder what UTWW would have done had she encountered a white person smoking on the deck of the parking garage. I’d bet money she wouldn’t have called the cops.

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