Gun Rights Activist Humiliates Himself By Biting Strapon To Fight Terrorism

In the latest episode of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Showtime special, “Who Is America,” gun rights activist Dan Roberts humiliated himself to show how far he’ll go to fight terrorism.

Roberts runs Youth Shooters of America and has been critical of the teen activists who emerged as a result of Parkland school massacre.

Cohen, who was disguised as an Israeli anti-terrorism expert, asked Roberts about his Youth Shooters program. Roberts explained that his organization’s goal was to promote “youth shooting sports.”

Cohen asked Roberts, “Shooting youth for sport?”

After a bit of back and forth, their conversation turned to training young people to shoot and allowing guns in schools.

Cohen said, “One time, in my nephew’s school a man came in and started shouting at them. The kids take out their guns and, bang, bang, bang! That substitute never stood a chance.”

“Right, right,” Roberts replied in agreement.

“Two of the classmates shot, but mistakes are going to happen,” Cohen said.

The disguised Cohen told Roberts that 23 percent of terrorist acts in the Middle East are carried out by children, and that’s what inspired him to create a method of preventing terrorist bombings with “suicide diapers.”

In an effort to teach the method to Roberts, four strollers holding baby dolls wearing diapers were lined up, and Roberts had ten seconds to identify which diaper contained a bomb. He was supposed to remove the diaper, throw it in the trash and hit the ground for cover. When Roberts was unable to remove the diaper from one of the dolls, he picked it up and threw the baby, who he thought was wearing “the bomb,” in the trash can.

“This baby didn’t have the bomb,” Cohen told Roberts. “Please, do not put the wrong baby in the trash can.”

The most shocking part of the segment came in the final lesson, which was about how to survive a beheading — which Cohen said he was able to do twice. He told Roberts the way to survive a beheading was to attack the “groin area” of the terrorist who is trying to behead you.

“Do you want to have somebody remove your manhood?” Cohen asked.

“Right, right. Of course not,” Roberts answered.

Wearing a strap-on, Cohen told Roberts that in order to survive a beheading, he must bite down on the attacker’s genitals and not let go. Roberts played along and bit down without letting go.


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