Middle School Shuts Down After Adults Declare ‘Hunting Season’ On Transgender Child

A middle school in Oklahoma closed for two days after a group of adults made threatening and violent comments on social media directed at a 12-year-old transgender child because she used the girl’s restroom, according to Achille Public Schools Superintendent Rick Beene.

Local Fox news affiliate KXII reported that 12-year-old student, identified as “Maddie,” had been using the staff restroom at her former school. After starting at a new school, Maddie’s mom said she was unable to find the staff bathroom so she used the girl’s restroom one time.

Beene said that in the private Facebook group, “Achille ISD Parents Group,” which is not affiliated with the school, two district parents complained the transgender student was using the girl’s restroom, and that’s when the threats of violence began.

One parent called her a “half baked maggot.” Another called her a “thing.” Another Facebook commenter said it was open season for transgender people, and other adults said Maddie should be stabbed and beaten up.

“You know we have open hunting seasons on them kind. Aint no bag limit in them either,” one adult wrote.

“If he wants to be female make him a female,” another adult wrote.

“A good sharp knife will do the job real quick,” said another commenter.

Maddie’s mother, Brandy Rose told KXII, “That’s scary. These are adults making threats to a child. I don’t understand it.”

The Facebook group has since been deleted, but the damage is done. Rose said the threats scared her daughter, “She’s just an awesome kid. To see any kind of fear in her like that, because other people, especially adults, I can’t explain how bad that hurts me,” Rose said.

The decision to shut the school down for two days came after a Sunday night meeting with school officials, local police and fire departments as well as the County Sheriff, Beene said.

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