Unopposed GOP Candidate Says The ‘Abominable’ Gay Lifestyle Is ‘More Dangerous Than Smoking’

Hardy Billington is a Republican candidate running unopposed for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives. Back in 2006, he wrote a book arguing LGBT people “cannot reproduce—they have to recruit.” Billington also argued that same-sex marriage is “counterfeit marriage” and suggested it’s worse than murder.

In 2012, the Republican candidate took out a newspaper ad in the Daily American Republic in support of a proposed state law known as the “don’t say gay” bill – which was an effort to ban homosexuality in public schools. The bill never passed, but it’s worth noting how he feels about the LGBT community:

“We are encouraging and affirming individuals into the ‘gay’ lifestyle. If you truly love someone, you would steer them away from self-destructive behaviors, shouldn’t you? Homosexuals need our tough love, not blind love.”

Billington wrote in his book that he believes homosexuality harms entire communities, and he used the biblical example of Sodom and Gomorrah to argue his point:

“This usually came about after warnings from God to those involved and resulted in extreme penalties; even to the total extinction of cities and removal of entire governments,” Billington asserted. “I am fearful that if our nation continues to tolerate and, in some cases, embrace this disgusting and abominable ‘life-style,’ we will be prime candidates for the national punishment that God has visited upon historical cultures of the past.”

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported, “If Billington wins in November, no one will be surprised. Four-fifths of the voters in Butler County cast ballots for Donald Trump. No Republicans are challenging Billington, a longtime local GOP politico. He has a towering cash advantage over his apparent Democratic opponent, Robert L. Smith, a former circuit judge and assistant prosecutor in Butler County.”

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