White Supremacists Thoroughly Humiliate Themselves – Video

Washington, D.C. authorities braced for the worst in preparation for Sunday’s Unite The Right Anniversary March. D.C. Metro made plans for special trains for UTR marchers and for the anti-fascist crowds. Streets were cordoned off. Police were out in force with riot gear. In the end, they could have brought water pistols.

Pathetic is the word applied by news outlets to describe the anemic showing of Nazis who were told to make themselves look less like what they are – white nationalist, Jew-hating, immigrant-hating bullies – and more like normal people. Maybe it’s because they weren’t allowed to bring guns into the nation’s capital to show everyone just how tough and brave they are – when they’re armed.

The pitiful fools at the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website that regularly spews vile and hateful garbage, just couldn’t figure out what went wrong. After all, they were expecting mobs of “patriots” to jam the streets of Washington. Instead, the DS blog, all geared up to report the glorious events of the day, was reduced to this:

3:30 p.m. “the total count of UTR marchers appears to be between 20-25, including two women and a black guy.” (The black guy is unidentified, but DS gave a shout out to rally organizer, Jason Kessler, for his excellent decision to hire an African-American to emcee the rally failure.

4:34 p.m. “This isn’t even a Based Black Guy in a MAGA hat – he appears to be a professional MC who was hired for the event. Most of the speakers are colored people. Timestamped here is a colored man (some kind of latinx, who is BASED in a MAGA hat) handing off to the Negro MC who is clearly running the event. I don’t know what is going on.”

Apparently, Kessler made some of his Nazi friends angry – white supremacists have a difficult time with – you  know – BLACK people. So Daily Stormer apologized to those big, tough fascists for hurting their tender feelings. But then – OMG! – Kessler was incensed about being picked on by the people who were supposed to support him (all those people whose first thing every morning is to check in with gut-churning messages of hate dressed up in red, white and blue and pretending to be patriotic); and he lashed out, as this post on the DS blog noted: “Kessler is now attacking the Alt-Right, complaining we didn’t support this rally. He says our jokes are not funny. He might be on Ambien.”

Oh wow, an attempt at humor? Oh, and please, don’t be fooled by the reference to Alt-Right. What they really are is Nazis – don’t fall for their attempt to sanitize it.

The rally was due to start at 5 p.m., but the disheartened patriots Nazis had had enough of being publicly humiliated by being spectacularly outnumbered, and the crowd group began to disperse.

At this juncture, the guy writing the blog at DS clearly was having difficulty keeping it together, and his communication and spelling skills (?) faltered:

“Kessler and his people just got escorted into a large van by police. I don’t know if the event was being overrun or what. It’s all pretty confusing. The black MC is clearly in charge of Kessler’s crew. Which has me really loling bretty gud.”

By the time 5:25 rolled around, the Stormer just gave up.
“I don’t even know what to say about any of this, tbh. This black MC thing. I just can’t even. RT was in the van with them and the black MC was flirting with one of the white girls. It’s just a bizarre thing. I am expecting antifa to start attacking police and businesses. And trashcans and so on. The black MC led all Kessler’s 12 people into a van and they left.”

The Stormer ended with a proclamation that the rally had been a “weird, weird event” and promised it would post an editorial on Monday.

Since the folks over there at the Daily Stormer can’t put together what happened, I’ll spell it out for them: Your white supremacist brethren are a bunch of cowards who, if they can’t bring their guns, won’t show up for fear they will be shown up for the weak sucks they are – and they didn’t. The vast majority of people in this country are not hateful racists who have forgotten what this country is all about and what we stand for – even if we don’t always measure up to our own expectations. We don’t like your kind, we don’t want your kind, and we will not let you run roughshod over the rest of us and the thing that truly makes us great: our diversity.

Suck on that, Stormer.

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