" /> Advances in Automated Systems Aim to Reduce Tractor Trailer Accidents

Advances in Automated Systems Aim to Reduce Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor trailer accidents can be some of the most damaging collisions, to both property and individuals.  The sheer size of the truck itself, coupled with the mass of a fully-loaded trailer, also makes the act of stopping to avoid an accident incredibly challenging for manufacturers.  Technological advances in the areas of vehicle automation have led to many features that drivers of newer passenger cars may take for granted: blind spot alerts, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance.  Fortunately for all on the road, these technologies are now being adapted to tractor trailers to increase safety.

“Truck accidents often result in serious damage to vehicles, property, and individuals,” said John L. McCraw, a Texas Truck Accident Attorney with The McCraw Law Group.  “Long haul drivers on Texas highways work hard to be safe and accident free, but they are not always successful, and many times those accidents involve other drivers and cause serious injuries and death.”

Regardless of technological advances, truck accidents will continue to occur.  Collision avoidance systems and blind spot warnings still require the person in control of the truck to be aware of the situation and react appropriately.  If you are involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, it is incredibly important that you retain a Texas Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible so that they may begin gathering the evidence necessary to protect your rights and pursue damages for you.

The evidence your attorney will seek from the trucking company will include:

  • The company’s detailed driver qualification files, which companies are required by law to keep on each driver and which outline that driver’s history and licenses.
  • The “black box” from the tractor. Much like the “black box” in airplanes, these boxes record data from prior to the accident that can be used to help your claim that the truck driver was at fault.
  • The driver logs. Each driver records information on the load he is carrying, the stops that he makes, and how much he has slept.  Information in these logs is incredibly important, and must be quickly obtained, as federal allow allows the company to destroy or delete these logs after six months.

This evidence is necessary to ensure that your claim is successful, and if it is lost due to a delay in retaining an attorney or due to an inexperienced attorney waiting too long to make the request, your claim could be irreparably harmed.

The technological advances will undoubtedly make trucks safer, which is a positive for everyone on the road.  Until these trucks no longer rely on humans for intervention, however, truck accidents will still occur due to the negligence of drivers, and those injured in these accidents should rely on the assistance of an experienced Texas Truck Accident Attorney.

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