Widening the Employment Pool

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit There is a new bill in South Carolina that may help people who have a past criminal record get a job. Finding steady work and therefore enabling a stable home life is essential to help this population stay out of prison and is a significant factor in lowering […]

As Medical Marijuana is Made Legal in Florida, Business is Booming

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit As more and more states legalize marijuana in both medicinal and recreational forms, Florida is one state that has kept its illegal status, regardless of what it was being used for. But in May, Florida courts found that it was unconstitutional to keep patients who needed it as […]

ERISA Lawyer Wins Widow’s Fight for Husband’s Insurance Benefits

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit Following a four year long legal battle, Esther White and her attorney J. Price McNamara are finally breathing a sigh of relief after the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit finally overturned the denial of life insurance benefits Esther’s husband spent his life working for. […]

Gun Control Law in Texas to be Touted by Democrat with Support of President Trump

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit Next year could bring big change to gun control in Texas, where a measure that would temporarily remove guns from people who show signs of violence has previously failed. These laws, known as ‘red-flag’ gun laws are nothing new to those who live and play in Texas. The […]

Doing it for the ‘Gram Turns Deadly

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit The explosion in photograph-sharing platforms in social media, coupled with technological advances in photography equipment included with every cellphone has created a booming business for companies looking to provide high-end photographic opportunities, once reserved for professional photographers, to regular members of the public. Unfortunately, this boom has led […]