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UniteWomen.org ACTION Stands with the Women of Virginia on Election Day.  Stand with Us!

UniteWomen.org ACTION Stands with the Women of Virginia on Election Day. Stand with Us!

All three of the statewide candidates in Virginia who stand with women – Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam and Mark Herring – will champion the issues of reproductive rights, equal pay, protection from sexual violence and voter suppression. All three strongly support women’s health and economic security and equality. And all three are overwhelmingly supported by […]

Playing The Race Card

My journey into politics and activism began with the 2008 presidential race. I have always been interested in politics and donated to campaigns but never got directly involved. That changed when the Republican candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin, started riling up the crowds at her rallies with, “he’s palling around with terrorists,” or, “just […]

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The Truth About The Shutdown Strategy

The U.S. House is now passing piecemeal legislation to open parts of the government that will give them the best photo ops, headlines and put Democrats in a position to seem heartless if they refuse to play. The media and talking points are taking away from what’s really at issue for the majority of Americans. […]

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America…The Ugly Truth

Trayvon and Texas brought to a head what has been a low boil for a long time. We’ve never been the America we claim to be…the America in which so many of us grew up believing.  An America that embraces diversity… where everyone has the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their […]

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#NeedYourPermission – A Day of Creativity, Impact and Fun!

Legislators in more than half the states in the country got an earful today from almost 3,500 women and men who are tired of them legislating and speaking about women as if they are not capable of making their own decisions. They tweeted, emailed and called asking for their help with every-day decisions a woman […]

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