Michigan Juvenile Justice System In Need of Reform 

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit Although the Supreme Court has now twice reiterated that life sentences are not appropriate for juvenile offenders, Michigan prosecutors apparently disagree. In Montgomery v. Louisiana, the Court upheld its earlier ruling that sentencing a minor to a life sentence without the possibility of parole nearly always constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, […]

The Rising Problem of Pleading Guilty and Being Exonerated Years Later

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit During the late 70’s and early 80’s, state and federal lawmakers saw a spike in crime rates and decided that creating mandatory minimums and other criminal justice reforms were needed in order to crack down on felony crime. When these laws were enacted, the penalties and possibility of […]

Another Kentucky Cardiologist Convicted Of Health Care Fraud

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit A jury in Kentucky has found a renowned cardiologist of King’s Daughters Medical Center guilty for health care fraud after it was revealed that the surgeon had performed unnecessary invasive heart operations on numerous patients. The cardiologist, Dr. Richard E. Paulus, has since retired from working at the […]

State of Florida Issues Recall on Harmful Honda/Acura Airbags 

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit Car accidents injure and fatally wound an obscene amount of people each year. The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration reports that traffic accidents are the leading cause of debilitating injuries in the United States, and the economic loss to society because of these crashes is estimated at more […]

FBI Investigation Reveals Massive Baltimore Prison Corruption

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit An ongoing FBI investigation has revealed massive corruption at Maryland’s biggest prison, the East Correctional Institution in Westover (ECI). The discovery of an underground black market facilitated by corrections officers at ECI led to the indictment of 80 people earlier this month, including some prison guards. The defendants […]

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