More Americans Support Cannabis Legalization Than Ever Before

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit Support for legalizing marijuana for personal use has been steadily increasing. Only nine percent of Americans currently believe that marijuana is more dangerous than either alcohol, sugar, or tobacco, according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll given to 900 adults in the U.S. in January of this […]

Lawsuit Against Missouri Department of Corrections Receives Class-Action Certification

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit A lawsuit filed by inmates in Missouri has been class-certified by a US District Judge, which opens the door to thousands of potential claimants joining the suit. The lawsuit alleges that the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDC) failed to properly treat the Hepatitis-C-positive prison population. Hepatitis C is […]

New York Law Opens the Door to Previously Barred Claims

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit A change to the statute of limitations related to missed cancer diagnoses has opened the door for claims that would have previously been barred having an opportunity to move forward. Under New York State’s previous statute, any claim for a missed diagnosis must have been filed no later […]

Criminal Justice Reform Supported By Trump Administration

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit The U.S. has a huge number of prisoners currently incarcerated. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2,220,300 adults were in prison in 2013 — the highest rate in the world. In the past, any efforts related to criminal justice reform revolved around the amount of time […]