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Boobs For Peace: Topless Women Provoke Open Carry Group in Texas   (VIDEO)

Boobs For Peace: Topless Women Provoke Open Carry Group in Texas (VIDEO)

Every once in a while you come across a story that makes you 50% sick and 50% delighted. For me, this is one of those stories. I am sickened by these open carry lunatics who think that by parading their guns for all to see makes them badasses. It really only shows them as the insecure, […]

How To End All Debate About The 2nd Amendment In 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

Want to end all debate about the 2nd Amendment in about thirty seconds? Just watch this clip. Oh, wait. We’re in a society that has no idea of what’s rational and sane. Nevermind . . . Well, at least it makes a solid point. Look, I’m a gun owner. I don’t have an assault rifle […]

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GOP Kill the Poor: Republican Mass Killing Masked by Shooting Media Hoopla

What do patriot movement shooters in Las Vegas have in common with Virginia Republicans and Virginia Democrat Phillip Puckett?  They kill people. They just do it in different ways, with different degrees of effectiveness, and different intensities of news coverage. The Millers, Amanda, 22, and Jerad , 31, the husband and wife team that murdered […]

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Open Carry Extremists Lose Another Gun Battle To Boycotts – Cause When ‘Moms’ Ain’t Happy…

I recently wrote an article  about a man who brought an assault weapon into a Target store and posed for the cameras – in the Baby/Infant Department. In another article, I wrote about a man who stalked a Little League game flaunting his gun and telling the crowds there was nothing they could do about it […]

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The Tipping Point For Gun Lovers

  I believe that we are at a tipping point in America. We are at that moment when we have to decide how to deal with guns. I’d say that an excellent argument could be made that we’ve actually already gone beyond that tipping point… Especially when you look at all of the mass shootings, […]

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