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3-Year-Old Shot In Road Rage Incident (Video)
Ed Schultz Goes OFF On Fox And Right Wing Talk Radio (VIDEO)

Ed Schulz pulled no punches on his Thursday night show over on MSNBC. Fox News and right wing talk radio has been relentless over the past several months attacking Schultz, and finally Ed was able to strike back with a huge blow of his own. This whole thing started after Bill O’Reilly went on the […]

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‘Creation Scientist’ Explains How Dinosuars Fit On Noah’s Ark (Video)

Carl Kerby, self described “creation scientist” and a founding board member of Answers in Genesis insists that he is correct in asserting that dinosaurs were among the creatures taken aboard Noah’s Ark. Never mind that the term creation scientist is an oxymoron of the highest order, never mind that Creationists subscribe to the belief that […]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Kicks Ass On Cosmos

When I first heard that astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was going to reprise Carl Sagan’s ground-breaking Cosmos, I was excited. I remember watching the original 13 part series and being completely enthralled. I could not WAIT for the first episode to air and I have to say, I was a bit surprised that it would […]

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Flashback Friday: The Glenn Beck Oval Office (Video)

My, how time flies! Was it only two years ago that Glenn Beck unveiled his delusions of grandeur for all to see? Yep! On April 9, 2012, Glenn gave us a peak into his fevered psyche and showed off his fondest wish: that instead of that dark complected guy in the White House, Glenn should […]

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