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SNL: Paul Ryan And Jeb Bush Rally At Coachella  (VIDEO)

SNL: Paul Ryan And Jeb Bush Rally At Coachella (VIDEO)

Republicans rally at Coachella in as part of the GOP rebranding effort in this Saturday Night Live skit. Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush take over the stage to give their conservative sales pitch to an audience, clearly not interested in hearing from them. The only time the audience seemed to care about anything is when […]

Sell The Vatican, Feed The World (VIDEO)

Sell the Vatican and Feed the World is Sarah Silverman’s ambitious plan for feeding the world. Sarah Silverman grabbed a lot of attention when a video of her October 9, 2009, appearance on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher was posted to YouTube. In the video, Silverman claimed that the proceeds from such a sale, […]

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You Won’t Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal Video

You won’t believe this border patrol checkpoint refusal video. Most of us have seen way too many abuses by the border, captured by smart phones with most of them seeming to follow the same script. An officer taps on the window, asking if the driver is a citizen. An outraged, but calm driver asks if […]

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Fox & Friends Returns To Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

The cast of SNL did their take of Fox & Friends arm-wrestling with Obamacare and climate change. As expected they paraded a “typical American” (played Anna Kendrick) who’s not happy with President Obama for breaking his promise about getting to keep her doctor, while Brian Kilmeade complained “It’s tough to sign up for things, I’ve […]

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Obamacare? Are you nuts? (VIDEO)

Obamacare? Are you nuts? All the dialog used in this hilarious video was lifted verbatim from the comments sections of conservative web sites. After watching this hilarious video, but one with a very serious point, I think you will agree that the Affordable Care Act is something everyone needs – regardless of one’s age or […]

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