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GOP Candidate  With Felony Conviction For ‘Pleasuring Self’ Warns Against ‘Homosexual Agenda’

GOP Candidate With Felony Conviction For ‘Pleasuring Self’ Warns Against ‘Homosexual Agenda’

  GOP Candidate, 24-year-old Jordan Haskins, is a Michigan Republican who’s currently running for an empty seat in the state house. He’s taken to Facebook recently, like a modern day Paul Revere, only instead of warning about the British coming, he’s warning Michiganders about the “homosexual agenda,” even going so far as instructing them they […]

Republican Co-Chair Says Wisconsin Voters ‘Not Sharp’

Speaking of the closeness of the governor’s race in Wisconsin, Republican National Committee co-chair Sharon Day suggested on Monday that some voters aren’t smart enough to vote Republican in that election. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reports that Day said “It’s not going to be an easy election, it’s a close election. Like I said, much […]

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Michael Savage Mocks Veteran With PTSD

  Last week on his radio program conservative commentator Michael Savage had a discussion with a caller about plans to rename a tunnel in San Francisco after late comedian Robin Williams, who took his own life earlier this year. The caller, who identified himself as a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), defended the renaming, […]

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Obama Must Be ‘Taken Alive’ Petitions Lawyer Who Beat The NSA

Last time we ran across (Instead of over, darn it!) “Litigious Larry” Klayman, he was instigating a law suit claiming that not only isn’t Barack Obama an American, he’s not even Barack Obama. According to Klayman, his name is Barry Soetoro. Give the man his due, he tries his damnedest to promote the Larry Klayman […]

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10 Ignorant and Sexist Quotes on Women’s Issues by Republicans

The internet is literally bursting at the seams with hateful, ignorant and sexist quotes by Republicans so we thought we’d stick some in a handy reference list. These are 10 very important examples of why it is so important to get out and vote this year. 1. Remember this woman during the abortion debate in […]

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