The Startling Hypocrisy Of Conservative Icon Dr. Ben Carson


While scrolling my news feed, I happened upon a public post via Lee Branen, pointing out the hypocrisy of Dr. Ben Carson. It has received over 3 thousand shares since June 29.

Here’s what Lee wrote:

Interesting facts about Dr. Ben Carson, Conservative Icon:

1. raised by a single mother
2. raised in public housing
3. fed with food stamps.
4. supported with welfare was-dependent-on-government
5. kept healthy with medicaid…
6. educated in public schools
7. got eyeglasses from state agency
8. benefited from affirmative action to enter college
9. used federal loans and Pell grants in undergrad school
10. benefited from affirmative action to enter medical school
11. med school paid for with grant from USPHS*
12. said: “The disintegration of the family unit and the welfare state are enslaving African-Americans and ruining their futures.”

Wonkette addressed and sourced the statement above. Read her article HERE.

Dr. Carson is demonizing all of the social programs he has benefited from. Isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy? How does he not understand that other people can also benefit from social programs? Does he not understand it, or is he trying to earn points with the Tea Party?

It is clear that Dr. Carson is intelligent. It is clear Dr. Carson is a very skilled doctor. What is not clear, at least not to me, is how he can be so completely detached from reality, logic and reason when it pertains basic human rights.

He recently made the claim that the Lord told him to call for a flat tax when he was at the Obama prayer breakfast last year.

He is also considering running for president in 2016 – but only if the Lord tells him to. “If the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it, I would,” he told Sean Hannity in 2013.

He’s retired from his chosen profession as a neurosurgeon. Maybe he should look into being a Walmart greeter and leave the presidency to someone isn’t hearing imaginary voices.

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