Hey Ladies, Wanna VOTE? – VIDEO


 20, 648, 401 single women are not registered to vote.

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If you are not aware of the awesomeness that is Miss Revolutionaries, perhaps it’s time to acquaint yourself with the California based grassroots organization – where BOTH genders are welcome.

And a quick note – the editor and creator of this video had this to say about the images that appear:

“…the point was to juxtapose the images that Madison Ave sells us all day (which works because our eyes like them) with the sad fact that women don’t go to the voting booth when the time comes, although they will rush out to buy the latest Vogue Magazine.”


Miss R*EVOLutionaries is a California-based group formed with the primary purpose of ensuring that the voices and values of women are heard and respected in all aspects of our society. We seek to promote and protect the interests, values and autonomy of women and to ensure that equity for all is once again made a legislative priority across the United States.

Miss R*EVOLutionaires seeks to promote and fight for truth, justice and freedom and the inalienable rights of women, men and children with regard to civil rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, healthcare, reproductive autonomy, economic equality, marriage equality, wellness, and safety.

Miss R*EVOLutionaries seeks to end voter domestic and sexual violence, sexual exploitation, voter oppression and suppression, the degradation of our environment and undue corporate corruption and influence over our government, economy, and food sources.

Miss R*EVOLutionaries will work to increase the participation of women in the political and legislative process, by encouraging women to vote and by supporting political candidates (particularly female candidates) who are dedicated to advancing the goals, policies and values common to our members.

Miss R*EVOLutionaries is committed to diversity. We welcome men and women of all ages without regard to race, color, creed, political affiliation, disability, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, education or income level, or marital, employment, or immigrant status.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman” — The Dalai Lama

If you are interested in helping us
organize   our   events   and   mission,

please join us in our organizing group: HERE

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